Large-Scale Design Optimization Lab


The Large-Scale Design Optimization Lab (LSDO Lab) is a research group led by Prof. John Hwang in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California San Diego. Our lab focuses on research surrounding the use of numerical optimization algorithms to assist in the design and analysis of engineering systems. In particular, we specialize in large-scale design optimization (LSDO), the optimization of 100s ~ 10,000s of design variables with complex computational models that incorporate multiple engineering disciplines (see figure below for examples).

Progress from the past decade has made LSDO feasible, largely through advances in methods for computing derivatives of complex models, which is critical for high-dimensional optimization. Our lab creates mathematics, algorithms, and software at the cutting edge of this emerging field. In addition to methods-focused research, we focus on the application of LSDO to electric air taxi, commercial airliner, and satellite design problems, and we are pioneering new applications, e.g., in medical and soft robotics.

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